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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. TSC
Member since: 01/12/05
Certified Genuine
Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi Curious

Mail History Drinks
He:  67   6'1   186
She: 40   5'1   135
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Interest Levels
Tame 4 on a scale of 0-4     Couples 4 on a scale of 0-4
Moderate 4 on a scale of 0-4     Males 4 on a scale of 0-4
Wild 4 on a scale of 0-4     Females 4 on a scale of 0-4
Desired Age Range
21 to 99
Other Info
  • Drinkers OK
  • Smokers OK
    Open Every Wed=Sat Special Events Sun=Tues, Everyone Welcome !

    Short Tag Line:
    Open Every Wed=Sat Special Events Sun=Tues, Everyone Welcome !

    I/We are looking for
    TheSocialClub aka TSC is Run By Swingers For Swingers ! Al founded TSC in 1980 and is for Couples, Single Men & Single Women. We offer something for everyone in the lifestyle.

    Doors Open at 7 pm, close at 2:45 am on Friday & Saturdays ! Close at Midnight Wednesday and Thursdays.

    First Sunday and Third Thursday of the Month is our Gang Bang. Doors open at 6 pm, locked at 7:30 and the action starts, No door fees for couples or single women if you sign up under events and have a TSC membership.

    TheSocialClub aka TSC is open every Wed=Sat with Special Parties & Events Sun=Tues.

    Living Life To The Fullest with other SLS Members across the USA.

    First Saturday of the Month is always Official SLS Meet & Greet !

    Meet all those sexy SLS Members you have been talking to on here at the number one swingers club in the USA !

    This Profile is Mainly for Our Swingers Club TheSocialClub aka TSC. Al founded TheSocialClub in Nashville in 1980 and it has become the largest members based club in the USA !

    This Profile is about My Swingers Club and Our Many members. If you have any Questions about me Personaly, just drop me a Note ! Everyone over 21 is welcome, so you will see in the profile from 21 to 99. Personaly I have been in the lifestyle as part of a couple and as a single male. Many of the photos on here are of our members that have asked to have their photos posted to show that they are real and are members of TSC !

    I know that I or my staff may not be what you are looking for, but we will do our best to help you meet others that may have the same interest and desires as you do.

    TheSocialClub aka TSC is Your Club, Couples, Single Males and Single Females always welcome. You Never Have To Do Anything You Don't Want To !! Located 10 blocks South of Broadway in downtown Nashville.

    TSC is Open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday with Special Parties on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Not all Events & Parties are listed on SLS so please check out website for UpDates! BYOB, we profile all your Drink setups and snacks at No Charge.

    First Saturday of the Month is Our Official SLS Meet & Greet!

    First Sunday of the Month and 3rd Thursday of the Month is our Gang Bang Nights. Doors open at 6 pm, are locked at 7:30 pm and then the action starts. There are no door fees for Couples or Single Females and $50 for Single Males. Everyone must have a membership to TSC.

    Living Life To The Fullest !!

    We offer a one night membership for $10, and yearly $200.

    TSC is the Largest Members Based Swingers club in the USA if not the World.

    Run By Swingers For Swingers.

    We have been providing a Place for Singles & Couples to Meet & Play with Other Real Swingers since 1980 in Nashville and across the USA !

    Join us for a Ride on the Wildside. You never have to do anything you don't want to !


    TheSocialClub aka TSC is for Couples, Single Men & Single Women. We are Open Every Wednesday & Thursday from 7 pm until Midnight and Every Friday & Saturday from 7 pm until 2:45 am with Special Parties Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.

    We May Not Be What You Are Looking For, But We Will Do Our Best To Help You Meet Others That May Have The Same Interest and Desires As You Do !

    We are looking for others that are Very Open and Broadminded and like to Live a little on the Wildside.

    THE ANSWER IS NO IF YOU DON'T ASK !! But ask Nicely !!

    Describe Yourself:
    Everyone is different, we Provide the place for all Open and Broadminded Men, Women and Couples to Meet. Huge dance floor downstairs and upstairs we have 11 private rooms, huge couples only play area, 2 love swing rooms, nice dungeon and game room with 2 pool tables. In the back of the building, we have a very ***green** PRIVATE COURTYARD TO PLAY IN IF YOUR DESIRE !!

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    Open Every Wednesday=Saturday with Special Parties Sunday=Tuesday !!

    Check out our Halloween & New Year Eve Parties at our website. THESOCIALCLUB

    We Never Know What We Will Do Until We Meet in Person.

    Many of these Photos are of Members of our Club & SLS and Have asked us to put their photos on our Profile.

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    We like to be up front, We are the owners of a Swingers club in Nashville and help Host Events and Parties with Friends across the USA.

    Come to TSC and put Faces & Bodies with the SLS Members you have been Talking to.

    Gangbangs are always First Sunday and Third Thursday of the Month.. No door fees for SLS Couples or Single Females. But everyone must have at least a membership to TSC.

    Join us for a ride on the wild side.